Jan. 29th, 2009

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Two links to pass on today, both of them, curiously enough, on Livejournal. The first one, offered without comment (other than "Go and read") is [livejournal.com profile] bradhicks's essay, Yes We Can Put Americans Back to Work. We Probably Won't, Though.

The second one I have a whole LOT of comment on. Found via the mighty Warren Ellis, this is a photo essay of sorts. It's a damn shame (for me, at least) that all the text is in Russian and is therefore unreadable. The pictures speak for themselves, though. This fellow, Sergei Larenkov by name, has reshot WWII-era photographs in the same present-day locations, and then blended the original photo with the retaken photo. The effect is weirdly disconcerting but extremely powerful; it's as if the ghosts of the past are still walking around in the streets today. Highly recommended; go check it out. Here's an example:

Actually, I take it back. Here's a third link, ALSO on Livejournal. I've been seeing a lot of friends struggle with depression lately and, having dealt with quite a bit of it in my own past, thought I would pass on [livejournal.com profile] fairgoldberry's recently-written guide on how to tell if someone you know is fighting their own fight with depression. It's spot-on.

I've been playing the original Half-Life over the past few days and am still astounded at the level of detail and immersiveness built into this game. It still seems fresh and new even though it's now more than ten years since it was released. The technology's noticeably dated now -- the recent Source-engine "update" didn't do much other than give us shiny water and some ragdoll physics -- but the plot, storytelling and scripted events are as compelling as ever. Maybe this year the Black Mesa total conversion will finally be released and I'll get to see HL in some decent updated graphics.

Today's shared file is a music video. Jonny McGovern goes by the tag of The Gay Pimp, and his music is predictably hilarious: over-the-top gay, celebrating his homosexuality and reveling in it. His video for "Soccer Practice" is a scream, so I'm sharing it all with you. Video is four minutes long, about 6MB in size, .WMV format, playable by Windows Media Player.


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