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Name:Phil C.
Birthdate:Dec 10
Location:Texas, United States of America
I live and work in Austin, TX. I read a pile of books, listen to an even bigger pile of music, and spend a lot of time writing.

I am outspoken, blunt, and utterly truthful. I despise narrow-mindedness of all kinds and do not suffer fools gladly. I am sarcastic, often cynical, and too perfectionistic for my own good. I am 100% pure geek and proud of it, with interests in science fiction, fantasy, comics, computers, and so on. I have many acquaintances but few close friends. I have a mercurial temper and have been known to flare up violently if poked too hard. You have been warned.

I am quite thoroughly in love with my girlfriend, the amazingly intelligent and stupefyingly lovely [info]datalopez. My heart belongs to her. Fortunately she seems to enjoy its ownership. In October, 2008 I relocated to Austin, TX to be with her.

Hot topic issues, for those who make snap judgments and are looking for an excuse not to read this journal. I am:
* extremely liberal politically
* violently anti-racist
* violently anti-homophobe
* violently anti-censorship
* in favor of gay marriage
* in favor of the death penalty
* pro-choice
* an atheist
* a nonsmoker
* a non-drug-user

[info]weetanya wrote this haiku about me as part of a mutual-admiration thing. I thought it was one of the nicest things anybody had said about me, so I'm putting it here.

his jedi power
manifests as kindness here
but careful: sharp blade!

Music is essential to my life. All kinds of music. For a general idea, check out my CD list, here; even though it's three years out of date since I've switched mostly to digital music lately, it's a good start. For a more specific idea, you can view my profile at (AKA Audioscrobbler), which tracks the music I listen to and creates stats for my listening habits.

I don't make friends-only posts, make locked private posts, or use custom filters. Anything that goes in this journal is visible to the world at large. I also don't use this space to make veiled references to other people and hope that the person in question will recognize themselves. If I have a problem with you, you'll hear about it from me directly. Finally, I've enabled anonymous commenting so that people who don't have Livejournals can leave comments here, but I'd prefer that you identify yourself when doing so, as I like to know who's reading me.

Regarding the "friends" designation: I put people on my watchlist if I find them interesting or well-written. Add me back or not, as you please. I care not. This isn't a popularity contest and I won't whine and complain if you drop me from your own "friends" list.

As shown above, I am also an amateur who has recently rediscovered an interest in photography. All of my photos are hosted at this page on Flickr and are copyright 2005-present, Phil Carter.

Want to know more? Leave me a comment or email me. You can reach me via email at (prcarter (aT!) austin [DOTT!] rr {DOT} com). I've put the address here in human-readable format because I don't trust Livejournal's "mangling" of the displayed email address.

Unless otherwise specified, all content in this journal is copyright Phil Carter, 2002-present. Not that it's likely, but please don't steal my stuff without attributing it. Thanks!
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