Jun. 19th, 2009

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Tattooing: UR DOIN IT RONG

(or, how NOT to choose a tattoo artist, or, how NOT to get a tattoo (after falling asleep)).

I must be a horrible person, because I am laughing my head off at this stupid girl who got 56 stars tattooed on her face and is now trying to sue the tattoo artist who did it.


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Goddammit, can we please STOP with the "violent videogames cause murderers" CRAP?

Gamespot reports that Daniel Petric, the 17-year old murderer who shot both his parents (his mother died of her injuries) in 2007, has been sentenced to 23 years to life in prison. The quotes from his attorney make me sick. "The playing of the video games and the reality of shooting somebody in his case was blinded; it was merged." "His addiction was so strong, was running rampant in a tired, exhausted young man, that anybody or anything that stood between him playing the video game and not having his way was in peril." His lawyer went for the insanity defense, claiming that the kid had played so much that he was in a state where he didn't think death was permanent. Apparently he thought his parents would "respawn" when he shot them.

Yeah. Right.

Repeat after me:

Violent videogames, by themselves, do not cause people to become murderers. Shitty parenting, poor discipline, and other factors are at fault when some kid goes off their fucking nut and pulls out a gun.

Even IF the violence was a contributing factor in this one (and I still don't buy that it was), in this case the parents are definitely at fault even for that. Petric would "forgo food and sleep to play the game for up to 18 hours a day". Maybe you should have, oh, I don't know, actually taken control of your kid's life and limited his access to the game long before it ever got to that level of obsession with him? Maybe you should have, oh, I don't know, maybe spent a little time with him explaining the difference between reality and a freaking GAME? Maybe you should have, oh, I don't know, put a little more effort into keeping your gun actually SAFE and SECURE from your kid who was supposedly teetering on the edge of reality and having trouble distinguishing life from an image on a computer screen?

Am I sorry for Susan Petric, who died of her injuries, and Mark Petric, who now has to watch his son grow up in jail? Of course. Do I think the real tragedy is that this could have been easily prevented with a little more attention being paid to your kid's life? Yes, I do.

Parenting FAIL.


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Getting fed up with the backup program I use to image my PC to an external backup drive (it's some piece of crap that was included with the Iomege external drive). I've gotten so fed up with it, in fact, that I usually just do a drag-and-drop from my C: and D: drives to the external drive.

I know there are better solutions out there. I know Norton Ghost is not one of them (if I ever buy a Norton product again, hell will freeze over), but there are others out there that ARE worth picking up.

Currently leaning towards Acronis True Image, as it's gotten good reviews.

Computer freaks -- what do YOU use for your backups? Need something that will allow me to image multiple drives to a single external drive (I have two separate internal hard drives, one of them used solely for music / file storage and retrieval and the other used for all manner of things). The ability to do incremental backups would be handy but isn't necessary.



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