Jun. 17th, 2009

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Finally found a copy of Patrick Rothfuss's The Name of the Wind in a used bookstore the other day. I'd been looking for it for a while (tons of people have recommended this one to me) but I buy so damn many books that my budget doesn't typically support NEW books. Has to be something really worthwhile to pick it up new (hi, [livejournal.com profile] reannon!).

Anyway, I got about 200 pages into it yesterday and I have to say this is definitely one I would have picked up new. This is one of those rare books where all the hype about it is deserved. Although it is just a tad annoying that the main character is so good at EVERYthing he does, in the context of the story it fits. Sometimes there are just rare individuals who are better at things than you are. You can be jealous of them, or you can just admire them for their talents. I choose to admire Kvothe because he tells a goddamned good story.

Rothfuss has created a fantastic world, with some very cool underpinnings and foundations for magic. Philosophy, politics, and scientific principles (unheard of for a fantasy novel) abound. This is good stuff and I recommend it. I'm already looking forward to book two (whenever he completes it) and I haven't even finished reading this one yet.

How is your week going so far?


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Here are five albums that have been getting heavy spin in my rotation lately:

1. Mastodon -- Crack the Skye. I actually got turned on to this one by Mookie Terraciano of Dominic Deegan fame. Progressive technical and extremely HEAVY metal. Vocals are an interesting mix of growling thunder and Therion-like choral processed stuff. I like this a great deal.

2. BT -- Emotional Technology. I was looking for more good electronica a while back and some friends recommended BT's stuff. I'd liked what I'd heard of his stuff on the Fast and the Furious soundtrack, so I checked a couple albums out. This is a good one for background music -- which is not an insult, but most people have trouble paying specific attention to electro or dance stuff, yeah?

3. Yoko Shimimura -- Kingdom Hearts soundtrack. One of my favorite PS2 games, this one has some great music as well. Memorable themes and some very nice memories attached to them ([livejournal.com profile] datalopez gave me this game) means this one will continue to get lots of play.

4. Evergrey -- In Search of Truth. I've always liked Evergrey's dark, turbulent music. This album is more dark and turbulent than most of them, a concept disc dealing with alien abduction and memory loss -- the search for truth that was the keystone behind much of the TV series The X-Files. This isn't music you'd hear on the show, though; Tom Englund's spine-chilling howl sets Evergrey apart, as does their tight musicianship and good lyrics.

5. Jean Michel Jarre -- Oxygene. The original synth classic (Jarre did do an Oxygene sequel years later). Something about this album just lends itself to endless replaying. I really like the tunes and the sound of those analog keyboards, what can I say?


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