May. 18th, 2009

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After hearing how cool it was from people I trust, I finally gave in and created a Facebook account. It has been....interesting over the past few days, seeing people from my past appear from nowhere. A couple of them have been people I really wanted to locate over the years but due to name changes through marriage or for professional reasons I couldn't find them online. Facebook has neatly provided a solution to that and it's really cool seeing what these folks are up to nowadays. It'll also provide a handy way to keep up with all the friends I left behind when I departed Georgia for Texas last year.

(Should you want to find me on FB, hunt for Phil Carter. That's me).

On the other hand, I'm surprised at the number of people who barely spoke two words to me in high school or college who are now sending me requests to be my friend. I am puzzled by this. I guess they just add anyone new that pops up in the networks we share. It's strange.

This weekend was a decent one. Down to Brownsville to see my love [ profile] datalopez's younger brother Peter graduate from college. He's got his education degree and teaching certificate from UTexas at Brownsville so we headed down to visit with him and the rest of the huuuuuuuuuuuge family. The graduation itself was poorly run and too damned hot (started at 8:00 and by 9:00 I was already starting to feel sunburn....thank the gods for SPF 30), but the party later that afternoon was a lot of fun. Much tasty food was consumed (damn these people can cook a good brisket; not that there's any way to do a BAD brisket), and much fun was had, despite the rain that showed up to spoil the outdoors gathering we'd had going. We just moved everything inside and kept on going.

So send some congratulations to [ profile] datalopez for her little brother. Not that he'll know who any of you are, but the sentiment's the same anyway.


[[The Oracle would like to know who your biggest unrequited crush was in high school.]]


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