Mar. 5th, 2009

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Via [ profile] relevantpink from several days ago, the Association Meme:

Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.

Nice way to learn more about people, and for people to learn about themselves -- it's interesting to see what other people think stands out about you.

Here's what [ profile] relevantpink associates with me, for example:

1. Music. This one shouldn't be hard to figure out. With an album collection in the thousands and well over 130 GB of music in digital format, you can tell I love music of all kinds. Let's see, out of curiosity we'll see what genres my collection encompasses: 80s, alternative/punk, ambient soundscape, ambient/electro, audio drama, blues, Buffett (yes, I put him in a category by himself), Christmas, classical, comedy, easy listening, electronic/electronica, dance, folk, funk, fusion, game (e.g., computer game or videogame music), hip hop, industrial, instrumental guitar, jazz, Latin, metal, new age, pop, pop metal, power metal, progressive fusion, progressive metal, progressive rock, rap, reggae, rock, soundtrack, spoken word, symphonic rock, trance, unclassifiable, world. Yeah....I love music of all kinds. It helps keep me going in good times, bad times and everything in between.

2. Austin, TX/Recent Move: Not too difficult to figure out either. I moved to Austin, TX to be with [ profile] datalopez and it's been one of the best things I ever did so far. I love the town and the things to do here. I'm still trying to meet people but will get that solved eventually. In the meantime, there's plenty of atmosphere to soak up even if I'm not actively meeting people.

3. Radio Theater (is this the right terminology even?): It is indeed a proper term, although you can also say audio drama or old-time radio drama. I was a member of the Atlanta Radio Theatre Company for many years and had a hell of a lot of fun performing radio dramas of all kinds -- science fiction, crime noir, action/adventure, serials, mystery, horror, and much much more. ARTC (and other radio drama groups like them, though they are one of the first and foremost) supplies the voices, the music, and the sound effects, creating a soundscape for your ears; your mind supplies the rest, creating an awesome experience.

4. "The Oracle": This one takes a bit of explaining. One of my favorite computer games of all time is Deus Ex, a game which defied classification by throwing in elements of FPS, action, RPG, stealth, techno-thriller, cyberpunk, politics, philosophy and healthy doses of conspiracy. You can spend time in the game hacking computers and email accounts, and when you hack one character's email, you see some email replies in his inbox -- replies detailing the results of the search he had requested on shadow paramilitary organizations known as Majestic 12. Something about the way it was written, as if a sentient computer AI was doing the searches and returning the results in oddly-phrased English, as if it wasn't quite familiar with the way the language sounded, struck me as interesting. And then there was the signoff on the email. Just a simple signoff on each one; one of them, for example, said: "[[The Oracle would like to know your favorite color.]]"

Something about the whole "Oracle" concept fascinated me. I did some digging and found out the concept was probably stolen from that of the Internet Oracle/Usenet Oracle, which has been around in one form or another since 1989. The concept there, though, was that you sent your question to a mighty Oracle and the priests interpreted his/her reply; he would then ask for something in return. I preferred the concept that I had given the Deus Ex's "Oracle" in my head: a sentient computer AI that wanted to learn more about its users -- and, by extension, the world around it -- by asking them questions about themselves. So I started doing that at the end of most of my posts here. Have gotten some interesting replies over the years.

5. Long hair (I know it has been cut, but I still picture you with it!!). Yes, I had long hair for many years. I started growing it long in college, chopping it once or twice, and it was halfway down my back when I finally cut it off for good in February 2008, deciding that a) I looked better with short hair, b) it was a hell of a lot easier to keep neat and clean, and c) it would be a LOT cooler in summertime.

So. Comment here and I'll tell you what I associate with you.


[[The Oracle would like to know what makes you sad.]]


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