Feb. 3rd, 2009

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It's hard to post when your workday on Monday was so hellishly busy that you were kept running about and putting out fires from start to finish. Today we are STILL shorthanded by three people, but at least it is less chaotic than it was yesterday.

[livejournal.com profile] datalopez and I went to visit Enchanted Rock State National Area on Saturday. I took a lot of photos. Here they are, in a photoset on my page at Flickr. Some of the photos are panoramic shots that I stitched together from multiple static images. You can be the judge of how the results turned out; here's a small-res version of one of the panoramic shots. Click on the photo below to go to its individual page where you can see multiple sizes, including the full-res one.


From [livejournal.com profile] flemco, and for your linky pleasure, check out this video of the local Arizona news affiliate visiting the Heart Attack Grill in Chandler, AZ. Gotta admire this place's honesty -- an 8000-calorie "Quadruple Bypass Burger" and "Flatliner Fries", scantily-clad "nurses" serving your food, and a note on the front window that says "This establishment is BAD for your health!". I'll bet they do a thriving business too. I will likewise bet that it's only a matter of time before somebody sues them for providing unhealthy food that made the customer overweight. Human stupidity knows no bounds...

I signed my transferred lease yesterday. This afternoon, I begin my repacking odyssey in preparation for the move this Saturday. I really REALLY hate moving, but at least this time it's an extremely short-range move -- about 50 yards or so -- and at least I've got [livejournal.com profile] datalopez helping me pack this time.

Still. Hate.

Today's shared file is really aimed more at the hardcore computer gamers in the audience (I know there are a couple of you out there). Back when Bungie was still developing Halo as primarily a computer game with third-person teamplay instead of a console port FPS, they worked extensively with NVidia to help develop the graphics. At one point they did a short video mock promo for the new NVidia GeForce 2 GTS, with the game characters hawking its powers and calling it "one mean piece of alien-bustin' hardware loving!" I think it's a scream. 25 MB file, runs for 1:30, .MPG file playable with Windows Media Player or DivX Player.


[[The Oracle would like to know what creature of the night (vampire, werewolf, witch, mummy, etc.) you would prefer to be.]]


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