Jan. 20th, 2009

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Okay, so here's what's been spinning in my player lately (so to speak....it's mostly digital these days, so no actual spinning). Not all of this is new per se, but it's either all new to ME, or it's just been spending a lot of time in the playlist lately.

Victor Smolski - The Heretic. A sort-of-concept album from the extraordinarily talented guitarist currently playing in Rage. Voiceovers detailing the things that went on during the age when witch-hunts were common, interspersed with searing guitar work, vocal choruses here and there, and even the odd Gregorian chants / Latin readings. Interesting stuff.

Extreme - Saudades de Rock. I was DE-lighted when I heard Extreme had reunited; they were one of my favorite bands in their heyday. Hell, they still ARE one of my favorites, years later. Their new disc shows them rockin' out oldschool style; though not with quite as much of a stripped-down approach as Waiting for the Punchline, it's not big and layered like III Sides to Every Story was.

Juno Reactor - Bible of Dreams. Juno Reactor has always been good at mixing electronica with other influences, and here they mix it in with some very nice tribal sounds and ethnic percussion. One of their best releases, I think.

Santana - Santana. Carlos Santana is one of those guitarists who can play three notes and you will immediately know who it is. His tone and attack are spicy and searing, always flavored with his Latin heritage. The S/T debut is still one of his best releases. I love bands who have lots of prominent Hammond organ in the mix and trade it off with great guitar work. Santana always delivers.

Eiffel 65 - Europop. I actually discovered this band through one of the Anime Hell music videos (go look it up if you want...I won't provide links here because that stuff is decidedly not conducive to sanity. Hilarious, but not conducive to sanity). Upbeat, cheerful silly Euro-dance-pop-electronica. I dig it.

KRS-One - The Sneak Attack. The Teacha is in fine form here, his lyrical flow as effortless as ever while he raps about bettering yourself, improving your knowledge, philosophy, why the "thug life" lifestyle is stupid, hip-hop culture and lots more. Still annoyed I couldn't find out more details about his show here in Austin. I KNOW I saw something about it in the Chronicle not too long ago, but I can't find it anymore. Either he's been and gone and I missed it, or I'm just looking in the wrong place. Ehh.

Symphony X - The Divine Wings of Tragedy. An old favorite, one of the first bands I got into when I discovered there was more prog metal out there besides Dream Theater. Still their best album, I think, although V: The New Mythology Suite comes close. Heaviness, intricate song structures, fiery guitar / keyboard duels, tight drumming, solid bass grooves, soaring vocals. It's the complete package.

Jesse Cook - Vertigo. Another longtime favorite which has just been getting more play lately. Cook plays what he likes to call "rumba flamenco worldbeat jazz pop". The man has an amazing talent for making an acoustic guitar do tricks. Watching him in concert is always a treat, seeing his fingers dance effortlessly over the strings, getting your feet tapping and your head swaying to the beat. I love his stuff.

How've you been lately? What's in your own rotation of late?


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Two posts from me in a day! Holy crap, it's like it's the first months of my time here all over again!

In the interests of increasing my knowledge and understanding, I pose the following request to anyone who feels like responding.

Please detail your reason for using, interest in, or typical usage of the following services / technologies. Only bother responding for the ones you actually use. :)

1. Twitter
2. Facebook
3. Myspace
4. Cell phones
5. Instant messaging
6. Text messaging
7. BitTorrent
8. Any massively multiplayer online game
9. Digg, Fark, or any other link-aggregation site
10. Tivo or other DVR service

Mostly I'm interested in expanding my knowledge because with some of these technologies I am a devoted user, while with others I can't understand the fascination. Enlighten me.

[[Edited to add DVR to the list.]]


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I wonder how many edit conflicts there were on Wikipedia just now in the rush to change Barack Obama's entry.


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